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Simple, efficient control of auxiliary hydraulic power to mobile equipment attachments

Published 2020-05-04

Sun Hydraulics has developed a range of standard, off-the-shelf adjustable priority flow control solutions that have already found their way into applications in rock breaker hammer control. As a priority flow control circuit, it also offers much wider application in general attachment controls and in applications where priority flow control is required such as priority steering control and concrete mixing. It can also function as an unloading valve for fixed displacement pumps in applications requiring two or more functions operated by a single pump.

This Sun-based adjustable priority flow control solution provides several significant advantages: 


  • High-quality, durable LH** valves made with all hardened parts
  • Significantly reduced pressure drops from Sun valves and cavities
  • Zinc-nickel coating for improved corrosion resistance
  • Wide range of options available for different applications
  • Available in ductile iron 5000-psi (350-bar) and aluminum 3000-psi (210-bar) versions
  • Solenoid-selectable pressure options
  • Remotely adjustable XMD driver with electro-hydraulic flow control (FPFK) 


These circuits provide a simple, efficient way to supply auxiliary hydraulic power to attachments like rock breakers or hydraulic hammers attached to skid steers, backhoes or excavators. The design ensures you won't lose power at a primary function because an accessory cylinder or motor is actuated. Auxiliary functions are not active until the priority demand is satisfied, and as load pressures change, the circuits maintain a steady flow rate.

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