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Hydnet represents some of the world´s leading manufacturers of hydraulic components. See our main partners below.

SUN Hydraulics

SUN Hydraulics is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds that control force, speed and motion as integral components in fluid power systems. Their unique floating cartridge construction and cavity design approach allows products to operate precisely and reliably at higher pressures and flow rates in the most demanding applications. The generous porting area, coupled with great manifold design and construction techniques, result in integral packages that can be up to 50% smaller than competitive offerings.

SUN Hydraulics was founded 1970 in Florida, USA. Today they have manufacturing facilities all over the world. Since 1997 the company is public at NASDAQ: SNHY. They are certified to ISO:9001 and use REACH standards.

ACE Controls

ACE Controls is an internationally recognized expert in the field of industrial damping technology. The company's portfolio includes automation control, motion control, vibration control and safety products. They manufacture world class quality products to decelerate loads, prevent impact damage, dampen noise, increase cycle speed and improve product performance. ACE Controls pioneered the use of one piece/closed end body construction and inner pressure chambers in its range of products which greatly reduce the chance of sudden failure or machine damage when overloaded.

ACE Controls, founded in 1963, is based in Germany with four manufacturing facilities. They are ISO:9001 and REACH certified.

Schroeder Industries

Schroeder Industries Schroeder Industries designs, manufactures and markets innovative filtration solutions for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel and process systems. They have been a pioneer in the development of many filtration concepts and products, and have also set performace standards within contamination control. The company has an ISO:9001 certification and its products are manufactured with the highest quality standards.

Schroeder Industries' corporate headquarters are located in Pennsylvania, USA, with manufacturing facilities in two location in USA. The company was founded in 1946.

Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth is a strong partner in mobile hydraulics. Using electrified, electronic- and digitally networked solutions, Rexroth are helping you to create the next generation of mobile machines Rexroths performance gives you access to increased power, safety, efficiency and intelligence for your mobile machines.