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Motion Control

Published 2020-12-15
When you need to control a motion of for example hatch, protective hood, service hatch, inspection hatch, fire hatch, engine cover or other thins we have suitable products for all possible applications. 
Gas springs – When there is a need for extra helping force to lift or push. The gas springs is preloaded with a pressure, which can be customer or application specific. 
Linear hydraulic damper – To control the speed of a motion. The damper has an adjustable braking force which is good for fine tuning the function. 
Rotary dampers – To control the speed of a motion. The rotary damper is instead mounted at the center of rotation which makes a very compact solution. 

All products are available for customizations for specific applications, they come in a huge rage of absorption capacity and many different mounting options. 

Contact us and we will gladly help you with the calculations and picking the right size