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Hydnet continues full capacity despite corona crisis

Published 2020-04-20

Dear valued customer, supplier and partner,


The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost importance, as well as the safety of our customers, suppliers and partners. In these challenging times, we are monitoring the situation constantly and take precautions to ensure continuity of operations, and of course to maintain normal supply/operations and deliveries to our valued customers.



Hydnet has taken the following preventive measures


• Domestic travel has been minimized.

• All non-essential travel is suspended.

• Hydnet personnel who have the opportunity will work from home, with unchanged capacity.

• Customer and supplier meetings are conducted virtually, via telephone and video conferencing.

• We conduct ongoing risk assessments to identify critical factors and implement preventative measures to ensure business continuity and support for our customers.

• Weekly reconciliations with our suppliers globally.

• We follow the rules for quarantine time requirements for employees together with any other advice and guidelines from the health authority.


Hydnet continuously follow the development and will provide you with updates on current changes as the situation develops. 

We will keep operation going to secure that your business can continue to succeed, both now and in the future.


Above measures and information apply as long as the situation requires.


Thank you for your continued understanding and support! 


Stay healthy


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