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Get the relief you need. Adjustable. Ventable. Blockable. FLeX-ible.

Published 2018-11-13

New to SUN Hydraulics' cartridge portfolio and to the FLeX Series family, we present four new solenoid-operated relief valves. With a 2-stage, field-adjustable design, they offer precise and dependable pressure regulation with up to 25-gpm (100-L/min) flow rates.


SUN Hydraulics' RVC* valves are the only family of valves on the market that offer fully adjustable, ventable and blockable relief functions. 


The RVC* valves were designed to reduce the complexity and improve the reliability and safety of your systems.  

  • Reduces complexity: these valves combine the functionality of two valves into one body and one cavity, reducing materials and creating a more compact and efficient system.
  • Improves reliability: the main stage orifice is protected by a 150-micron stainless steel screen for extended product life.
  • Improves safety: the adjustment screw is leak-free and contains a mechanical stop to prevent the screw from backing out, offering safe, reliable field adjustment.


The FLeX Series valves use Sun’s unique floating-style design, adding an extra layer of security in those harsh applications where torque and force can become excessive.



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