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Configure your Bluetooth embedded amplifier with AmpSet Blue™

Published 2015-11-03
Sun's new Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier is the fluid power industry's first commercially available Bluetooth-configurable product, providing a compact, factory-integrated coil and connector combination for use with Sun's proportional solenoid valves. Users can configure the embedded amplifier wirelessly via our new app, AmpSet Blue™, using iOS and Android mobile devices for quick, easy, and reliable wireless calibration.

This groundbreaking development in the fluid power cartridge industry means that operators can now be in close proximity to observe valve operation but not tethered and completely safe when setting up and calibrating the machine behavior.

AmpSet Blue™ allows users to locate and "pair" with the selected amplifier using their smart device and adjust all parameters of the proportional controller through several simple screens. Users can name each device and save, store, recall, and share settings for future use.

Ideal for multi-valve systems and hard-to-reach or dangerous environments, the app can pair with the Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier from as far away as 30 feet. It eliminates the need to carry a separate programmer or expensive laptop and special cables into a hazardous environment.

In addition, the amplifier is CE approved to the latest standards and meets the automotive 30-V/m specification, providing immunity and low emissions for automotive applications.


Bluetooth embedded controller is CE compliant and rated at IP69K
Free easy-to-use smart device app for configuration and adjustments
Password protection built in to prevent unauthorized access
Simple, safe, and secure
Password protection prevents unauthorized access to the amplifiers.  And for added safety, a “connection time-out” feature is activated by a period of inactivity, preventing the user from leaving the application open and paired.

Coils are available in both 12 and 24 Vdc with a choice of Deutsch or ISO DIN connectors.

AmpSet Blue App QR CodeYou can download the free app for iOS or Android devices by scanning the QR code shown here. Or you can go to Apple's App Store or Google Play and search on "Sun Hydraulics" to download Sun's AmpSet Blue app and start configuring without wires.

Note: The Bluetooth app is for set-up only, is not intended for continuous use, and cannot be used for remote commands or powering the amplifier.  A power cable is required to provide power to the unit.