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Filter cartridge

Sun filter elements are available as Surface Type (Last Chance) and Depth Style elements. The flow path is Port 2 to Port 1 and should not be used in reverse, even with a reverse free flow check valve installed. The elements have a high collapse pressure and are intended to be used in line with the system. Filter life will depend on initial system cleanliness and the amount of dirt ingression to the system when operating.

•Differential crush pressure is 3000 psid (210 bar).
•The flow path is Port 2 to Port 1 only.
•Installation directly above the subplate will protect the entire valve stack from particles.
•Surface type element features a 304 stainless steel mesh media. All internal components are 304 stainless steel.
•Surface Type elements have a 40 micron nominal rating (63 micron absolute).
•Surface Type elements are designed to capture errant particles that may not be trapped in the main system filter or particles resulting from a component failure.
•With a correctly assembled system, Surface Type elements will be unnoticed during regular operation, but will provide protection from sudden component failure.
•Surface Type (Last Chance) elements have a single layer stainless steel mesh supported by perforated sheet tube.

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Nominal capacity
Filter cartridge
2 ports
Manufacturer: Sun Hydraulics
10 gpm (40 lpm) 40my
20 gpm (80 lpm) 40my
8 gpm (32 lpm) 3my
8 gpm (32 lpm) 10my
8 gpm (32 lpm) 25my
40 gpm (160 lpm) 40my
24 gpm (95 lpm) 3my
24 gpm (95 lpm) 10my
24 gpm (95 lpm) 25my
80 gpm (320 lpm) 40my