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Cavity adaptors

Cavity convertes to smaller cavitie. Also available to swap ports i some sizes.
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From cavity to cavity
Cavity adaptor
Reducing to smaller cavity
Manufacturer: Sun Hydraulics
T-162A to T-8A
T-10A to T-8A
T-10A to T-8A with filter screen
T-13A to T-8A
T-16A to T-13A
T-16A to T-13A reversed ports
T-16A to T-3A
T-16A to T-5A
T-17A to T-2A
T-17A to T-11A
T-18A to T-3A
T-18A to T-16A
T-19A to T-17A
T-23A to T-22A
T-24A to T-23A
Racine 1318-12 to T-17A
SAE 8-2 to T-8A
SAE 10-2 to T-8A
Snaptite/Ambac CB-1/19462 till T-2A
Snaptite/Ambac CB-1/19462 to T-11A
Fluid controls #173 to T-11A
Gresen/Dana CDD-1013 to T-17A
From cavity to cavity
Cavity adaptor
For external out port
Manufacturer: Sun Hydraulics
T-3A/T-5A/T-32A to G1/2"
T-16A/T-33A to G1/2"