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80% less components

Published 2021-09-28
From 3 manifolds, 8 couplings, 1 T-coupling and 2 hoses to just 1 manifold and 2 couplings

Everyone wants to avoid leaking points in couplings, long assembly time and bird nests of hoses which you can do by using manifolds that are designed after the application and containing several functions.


In this specific customer case, it is a two-speed solution which first was assembled with standard components. The application is using one directional valve and two adjustable pressure compensated flow control valves. For this the customer needed 3 manifolds, 8 couplings, 1 T-coupling and 2 hoses.


In Hydnet´ s application-based manifold where all three valves are designed to be in one manifold, the customer now only need 1 manifold and 2 couplings! The assembly time goes from around 1 hour to 15 minutes.



Do you want to speed up assembly time and reduce leakage points?  


Here you can find Suns user friendly web-based program where you can design your own manifolds; QuickDesign, where you design your hydraulic schematic and QuickDesign will design your manifold without any cost.

Hydnet has many designed applications, some of the you can find here, or if you want help with designing a manifold with your valves and functions feel free to contact us!